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Oil rig building contracts is our business. COINCE BITCOIN LIMITED is a registered company that deals with prime oil producing corporations and cooperatives. We work with five-star suppliers and subcontractors, dealing with oil related operations.

COINCE BITCOIN LIMITED accepts projects with a minimum contract value of at least $500,000. We do not wish to waste our time with projects where the profit margin is of no significant value for us and our investors. Our operation is not limited to the production and building of oil rig mining equipment's and hardware. The company also deals with the purchasing and acquisition of raw materials and supplying these to big corporations.

Although majority of the oil reserves is concentrated in GULF countries, this black gold as everyone calls it, is not just limited in these areas. The corporations we deal with have continuously researched and identified locations all around the globe where oil is abundant and that is where the money is.

The cycle of supply and demand is at play and it never stops. COINCE BITCOIN LIMITED is now opening its doors for you to take part in this investment opportunity and we have so far produced stable profits for our investors.